In a Relationship with a Feature..

Bassem Elhawary
2 min readMar 8, 2020


In relationships between human beings, there is some pattern. In the beginnings you have the fascination, you’re dazzled, you feel like how can it be more perfect than this?! .. But then, while the time goes by, the fascinating uniqueness start to become less important, and what lasts is the deep match of the needs and the characteristic natures of the 2 members of the relationship.. Definitely there is more to the success of relationships, but the point that I would like to focus on is that despite the fascination of the beginnings, what lasts is that deep match of what you offer and the partner needs, and vice versa.

How’s that related to products or features?

How many times have you noticed a feature in a product, which fascinated you and then you ended up not using it after a week?

This is not because the feature is bad, or stupid, it’s because it was fascinating in the beginning, but it’s not what you need as a user.

You’re just an idiot, this is called unique value proposition.

Well, my understanding as a user, is that a unique value proposition is that your product delivers a value to me, which fulfills a need that I have, and you are either the first to do it in the market, or you are absolutely the best in doing it, so the value you are delivering is unique compared to your competitors.


Like below, the feature of comparing how the same article is covered in different news sources by their bias.. It’s great, it sounds as a cool feature, fascinated me in the beginning as a way of creating awareness for me as a user, but when I look at my everyday usage of the product, I don’t use it for this feature anymore and I feel the UI is very crowded. Given that this is the core feature of the app, I almost don’t use it anymore.

Screenshot from Ground news

What about you, did you have such a relationship with a feature?



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