Facebook saving articles to collections is a broken feature

Bassem Elhawary
1 min readMay 22, 2020


Every time I save a link/post/video on Facebook I get asked If I would like to add it to a collection. Whenever I want, I suffer from a broken experience imho.

To explain it, imagine you have these 3 collections on Facebook

  • Advertising
  • Memes
  • Product management

And then you see a post titled “Are personalized ads good or bad for your product?” .. You don’t have the time to read it now and decided to save it, where would you save it?

This puts the burden of thinking every time of what is the most relevant collection, because you can only save it to one collection.

It would be much better experience if Facebook allows tagging the saved link/post instead of having mutually exclusive collections. With tags you can easily save this post and find it under 2 tags.

It’s not rocket science, but assigning tags makes me more comfortable saving articles, instead of having to decide which family should this article join.

P.s. I and a LOT of people use saved articles feature not only for read-it-later, but also for bookmarking.

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